110805Mathias-13-smTax software is an important element in the tax preparation process. In our present economy, with the amount of tax software available, it is very important for the consumer to look at all viable options before beginning their individual tax return. In the process of selecting a software, please keep in mind the cost of the software and the cost of a professional preparing your taxes. As the tax regulations change on a yearly basis, I keep abreast of all these changes by attending yearly classes and seminars to update my clientele on any and all changes affecting the tax laws.

During the tax season 2016, there will be a large amount of new tax laws for all clients to consider. In your pursuit of finding the best value for your money, please consider using Mathes Tax Services for any of your tax preparation needs. I offer professional services and am open year round for any tax questions and tax needs that you may have. My main objective is to maximize your refund in any and every way possible. Please remember that I do offer FREE drop-off, pickup, mail, and delivery. DO NOT leave money on the table – call me today!

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Please take a moment to review my website. Please pay particular notice to the section on “Tax News”. This will help you in your tax preparation process. With the new Affordable Health Care Law, there will be many questions to be answered. Call me with any questions you may have regarding tax preparation. Also, call me if you would like to receive a brochure.